Antibodies apis | thebiotek An antibody is a protein produced by the immune system that is capable of binding with high specificity to an antigen. Antibodies are powerful research tools because they bind specifically to a unique epitope on the antigen, thereby allowing the detection of a specific protein in an assay while avoiding detection of unrelated proteins. Antibodies that bind specifically to the antigen of interest can be used in a number of immunoassays. For example, Western Blot and ELISA assays allow for detection and quantification of specific proteins.

Product Name Formulation Source Price
Phospho-c-JUN-S243 pAb inquiry
Phospho-ATF2-S62/S44 pAb inquiry
Phospho-ATF2-T69/T51 pAb inquiry
Phospho-ATF2-T71/T53 pAb inquiry
Phospho-ATF2-S112/S94 pAb inquiry
Phospho-c-Myc-T58 pAb inquiry
Phospho-c-Myc-S373 pAb inquiry
Phospho-ELK1-S389 pAb inquiry
Phospho-GATA1-S142 pAb inquiry
Phospho-MAP2K2-T394 pAb inquiry
Phospho-STAT4-Y693 pAb inquiry
Phospho-STAT5A-S780 pAb inquiry
Phospho-Bad-S112 pAb inquiry
Phospho-FAK-Y861 pAb inquiry
Phospho-Bad-S136 pAb inquiry
Phospho-Estrogen Receptor alpha-S118 pAb inquiry
Phospho-PGR-S190 pAb inquiry
Phospho-HER2/ErbB2-Y1221/Y1222 pAb inquiry
Phospho-Estrogen Receptor alpha-S104 pAb inquiry
Phospho-MYOD1-S200 pAb inquiry

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