Antibodies apis | thebiotek An antibody is a protein produced by the immune system that is capable of binding with high specificity to an antigen. Antibodies are powerful research tools because they bind specifically to a unique epitope on the antigen, thereby allowing the detection of a specific protein in an assay while avoiding detection of unrelated proteins. Antibodies that bind specifically to the antigen of interest can be used in a number of immunoassays. For example, Western Blot and ELISA assays allow for detection and quantification of specific proteins.

Product Name Formulation Source Price
Phospho-PDK1-S241 pAb inquiry
Phospho-P70S6K1-S424 pAb inquiry
Phospho-SRC Family-Y416 pAb inquiry
Phospho-P70S6K1-S371 pAb inquiry
Phospho-Rb-S807/811 pAb inquiry
Phospho-Histone H3.3-S32 pAb inquiry
Phospho-KSR1-S392 pAb inquiry
Phospho-KSR1-S404 pAb inquiry
Phospho-SRC Family-Y416 pAb inquiry
Phospho-TrkA-Y490 pAb inquiry
Phospho-SNCA-S129 pAb inquiry
Phospho-PDGFR beta-Y751 pAb inquiry
Phospho-PKCdelta-Y311 pAb inquiry
Phospho-RAF1-S259 pAb inquiry
Phospho-RAF1-S43 pAb inquiry
Phospho-Syk-Y352/ZAP70-Y319 pAb inquiry
Phospho-ALK-Y1096 pAb inquiry
Phospho-IKK alpha-S180 pAb inquiry
Phospho-ESR1-S118 pAb inquiry
Phospho-SRC Family-Y416 pAb inquiry

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