Antibodies apis | thebiotek An antibody is a protein produced by the immune system that is capable of binding with high specificity to an antigen. Antibodies are powerful research tools because they bind specifically to a unique epitope on the antigen, thereby allowing the detection of a specific protein in an assay while avoiding detection of unrelated proteins. Antibodies that bind specifically to the antigen of interest can be used in a number of immunoassays. For example, Western Blot and ELISA assays allow for detection and quantification of specific proteins.

Product Name Formulation Source Price
SUN2 Polyclonal Antibody inquiry
COMP Polyclonal Antibody inquiry
LARP6 Polyclonal Antibody inquiry
OTUD6A Polyclonal Antibody inquiry
ELOF1 Polyclonal Antibody inquiry
Phospho-RPS6KA1-S363 Antibody Kit inquiry
Phospho-MAP2K1-T286 Antibody Kit inquiry
Phospho-P90RSK-S380 Antibody Kit inquiry
Phospho-CBL-Y700 Antibody Kit inquiry
Phospho-CRKL-Y207 Antibody Kit inquiry
Phospho-DPYSL2-T514 Antibody Kit inquiry
Phospho-PPP1CA-T320 Antibody Kit inquiry
Phospho-PLCG2-Y1217 Antibody Kit inquiry
Phospho-PLCG2-Y759 Antibody Kit inquiry
Phospho-PPP1R12A-S507 Antibody Kit inquiry
Phospho-PLCG1-S1248 Antibody Kit inquiry
RPL37 Polyclonal Antibody inquiry
HAP1 Polyclonal Antibody inquiry
ADRB1 Polyclonal Antibody inquiry
ZNF76 Polyclonal Antibody inquiry

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