Recombinant T4 DNA Ligase Enzymes
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Source: Escherichia Colilambda lysogen NM 989

Recombinant T4 DNA Ligase

The product is for non-human research only. Not for therapeutic or veterinary use.

Catalog Number: BT-224146

Source: Escherichia Colilambda lysogen NM 989

Product Name Recombinant T4 DNA Ligase
Bioactivity One Weiss unit is equivalent to circa 67 cohesive-end ligation units.• T4 DNA Ligase is strongly inhibited by NaCl or KCl if the concentration is > 200mM.• Ligation of blunt-ended and single-base pair overhang fragments requires about 50 times as much enzyme to achieve the same extent of ligation as cohesive-end DNA fragments. Blunt-end ligation may be enhanced by addition of PEG 4000 (10% w/v final concentration) or hexamine chloride, or by reducing the ATP concentration to 50µM.• To dilute T4 DNA Ligase that will subsequently be stored at –20°C, 50% glycerol storage buffer should be used, to dilute for immediate use, 1x T4 DNA Ligase reaction buffer can be used.Formulation
Product Background T4 DNA ligase is an Mg2+-dependent and ATP-dependent enzyme that seals DNA nicks in three steps: it covalently binds AMP, transadenylates the nick phosphate, and catalyses formation of the phosphodiester bond releasing AMP.
Product Memo T4 DNA T4 DNA Ligase Recombinant
Product Type Enzyme
Source Escherichia Colilambda lysogen NM 989
Synonym DNA ligase 4, EC, DNA ligase IV, Polydeoxyribonucleotide synthase [ATP] 4.Description
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