Recombinant Taq Plus DNA Polymerase Enzymes
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Usage: For Research Use Only

Recombinant Taq Plus DNA Polymerase

The product is for non-human research only. Not for therapeutic or veterinary use.

Catalog Number: BT-224147

Product Name Recombinant Taq Plus DNA Polymerase
Product Background Taq Plus is a mixture of Taq and Pfu. Taq Plus, which is used to improve the reliability and yield of conventional primer extension reaction. Taq Plus has two following advantages over Taq: (1) high fidelity with an error frequency 1.6/106 (or 0.0016/103) during DNA synthesis. (2) Taq Plus increases the efficiency of polymerization reaction, resulting in a great percentage of extenuation reaction completion up to 10 kb to 30 kb. Pfu has a temperature optimum between 72-78°C and remains > 95% active following 1-hour incubation at 95°C.
Product Memo Taq Plus DNA Taq Plus DNA Polymerase Recombinant
Product Type Enzyme
Synonym Taq Plus DNA Polymerase, Taq Plus DNA, TaqPDNA.
Usage For Research Use Only
Last Modified Aug 20 2021