Recombinant PNGase F-II Enzymes 62kD
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Formulation: 62kD
Source: E. coli
Usage: For Research Use Only

Recombinant PNGase F-II

The product is for non-human research only. Not for therapeutic or veterinary use.

Catalog Number: BT-224150

Molecular Weight: 62kD

Formulation: 20 mM Tris pH 7.4, 50 mM NaCl, 50% glycerol.

Source: E. coli

Product Name Recombinant PNGase F-II
Molecular Weight 62kD
Application Removal of carbohydrate residues from proteins and peptides
Formulation 20 mM Tris pH 7.4, 50 mM NaCl, 50% glycerol.
Product Background PNGase F-II, a novel Peptide N-Glycosidase (PNGase) from E. meningoseptica, is able to remove asparagine-linked oligosaccharide chains from glycoproteins and glycopeptides. Its structure and substrate specificity are different from those of PNGase F. Its GenBank # is AKH93646.
Product Memo PNGase F-II Recombinant
Product Type Enzyme
Source E. coli
Storage Store the PNGase F-II at -20℃
Usage For Research Use Only
Last Modified Aug 20 2021