Peptides peptides | thebiotek Peptides play a crucial role in fundamental physiological and biochemical processes and are essential to many aspects of biomedical research especially as the pharmaceutical industry continues to shift more towards biologicals for new drug candidates. When compared to traditional small molecule drugs, pharmaceutical peptides are considered to be safer for application in vivo as a result of their natural origin and their non-toxic metabolites (amino acids).

Catalog No. Product Name CAS No. Price
bt-242072 Erabutoxin B 9083-23-2 inquiry
bt-242080 alpha-D-Mannose 135317-04-3 inquiry
bt-242084 Bacitracin A (8CI) 22601-59-8 inquiry
bt-242085 Paracelsin 88526-44-7 inquiry
bt-242087 2-13-Orphanin FQ (swine),N-[(2S)-2-amino-3-phenylpropyl]-13-L-lysinamide- 213130-17-7 inquiry
bt-242088 Nocistatin (bovine) 208253-85-4 inquiry
bt-242090 Desulfated cholecystokinin-8 25679-24-7 inquiry
bt-242091 Arg-arg-leu-ile-glu-asp-ala-glu-tyr-ala-ala-arg-gly 81156-93-6 inquiry
bt-242093 Somatostatin 1-28 74315-46-1 inquiry
bt-242095 Neuropeptide Y (pig) 83589-17-7 inquiry
bt-242096 [Leu31,Pro34]-Neuropeptide Y (human, rat) 132699-73-1 inquiry
bt-242099 N-Acetyl-leu-met-asp-lys-glu-ala-val-tyr-phe-ala-his-leu-asp-ile-ile-trp 143113-45-5 inquiry
bt-242100 Cys(11)-Cys(15)-endothelin-1 (11-21) 144602-02-8 inquiry
bt-242102 Ac-RYYRIK-NH2 200959-48-4 inquiry
bt-242104 [Nphe1]nociceptin(1-13)NH2 267234-08-2 inquiry
bt-242107 Akt/SKG Substrate Peptide 276680-69-4 inquiry
bt-242109 Ac-RYYRWK-NH2 200959-47-3 inquiry
bt-242110 (D-Pen2,D-Pen5)-Enkephalin 88373-73-3 inquiry
bt-242113 Ghrelin (rat) 258338-12-4 inquiry
bt-242116 [Arg14,Lys15]Nociceptin 236098-40-1 inquiry

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