Peptides peptides | thebiotek Peptides play a crucial role in fundamental physiological and biochemical processes and are essential to many aspects of biomedical research especially as the pharmaceutical industry continues to shift more towards biologicals for new drug candidates. When compared to traditional small molecule drugs, pharmaceutical peptides are considered to be safer for application in vivo as a result of their natural origin and their non-toxic metabolites (amino acids).

Catalog No. Product Name CAS No. Price
bt-242341 Oxytocin 50-56-6 inquiry
bt-242342 Teriparatide acetate hydrate 52232-67-4 inquiry
bt-242335 Thymosin beta4 77591-33-4 inquiry
bt-242336 Triptorelin 57773-63-4 inquiry
bt-242346 Growth hormone releasing hexapeptide 87616-84-0 inquiry
bt-242343 Disitertide 272105-42-7 inquiry
bt-242344 Setmelanotide 920014-72-8 inquiry
bt-248113 N-Methyl-L-alanine 600-21-5 inquiry
bt-248115 (R)-2-(Methylamino)pentanedioic acid 77481-28-8 inquiry
bt-248118 (2S,4S)-4-Hydroxy-1-methylpyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid 67463-44-9 inquiry
bt-248119 N-Methyl-L-aspartic acid 4226-18-0 inquiry
bt-248121 (S)-tert-Butyl 2-(methylamino)propanoate hydrochloride 103614-40-0 inquiry
bt-248123 2-Methyl-2-(methylazaniumyl)propanoate 2566-34-9 inquiry
bt-248126 H-His(Trt)-OH 35146-32-8 inquiry
bt-248127 (R)-2-Amino-3-(1-trityl-1H-imidazol-4-yl)propanoic acid 199119-46-5 inquiry
bt-248128 Nicotinuric acid 583-08-4 inquiry
bt-248129 N-hydroxysuccinimide 6066-82-6 inquiry
bt-248134 (2S)-3-amino-2-(butoxycarbonylamino)propanoic Acid 188016-53-7 inquiry
bt-248135 N-(2-Aminoethyl)glycine 24123-14-6 inquiry
bt-248136 N-beta-Aminoethyl-Glycine-ethyl ester dihydrochloride 24123-04-4 inquiry

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